The sweater curse

So it’s said it’s a bad idea to make a boyfriend a knitted item (usually something as big as a sweater/jersey). The theory is that you will destroy the relationship. But another thought is that if a guy can’t hack you knitting for him then you are better off without him. Another way I see it is that you should never knit anything big for the man in your life as if he never wears it it will just piss you off.

Which brings me to this vest. Knitted for husband (think we were married by then??). Intarsia (which is a right bastard) and I did it all on the quiet for him. He’s worn it maybe twice after I hounded him to. The ‘cool kids’ at his work thought it was awesome and one wanted me to knit her one too. He says he likes it but he never wears it. Grrrrr…


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