Gin and Tonic

I like gin. I am breastfeeding a 7 month old but it is also summer so I have to drink gin. Thankfully she does go to bed in the early evening. Although she has been quite unsettled and cutting into my drinking time a lot lately.

I must have first tried a g&t at the southern cross which was the hose-it-out student pub when I was at Vic Uni. We were very dedicated to export gold by the jug so I am not sure what posessed us to hit the gin. I guess it was Gordons Gin but I have no idea; it was just gin.

I really don’t know why I liked it either and I recall thinking it was refreshing.

Two summers ago (between kids I think) I got quite involved in perfecting my gin&tonic. I may be a gin-geek. Mist people would not go here, even people who quite like gin.

What I figured out:
1. You must make you ice out of tonic water. Regular ice tastes like crap and dilutes the gin and general goodness.

Making ice out of tonic works out ok as the best value tonic is the schweppes 1.5L. The little bottles make more sense but the price is obscene.

So, after the 1st or 2nd night of the tonic being open, you make whats left into ice. Tonic fizzes up a lot when it freezes, so don’t fill right to the top.

2. Tonic stays out of the fridge (when unopened) use the tonic ice to make it cold. I can’t 100% remember why but I think it bubbles up more when cold and loses fizz quicker

3. Try and use lime not lemon. It tastes a lot nicer.

4. Aim for 40:60 gin:tonic. 50:50 is ideal but sometimes too much. My g&t is currently quite weak due to the baby.

5. Try some different gins (helps if you have family/friends willing to stock you via duty free), Bombay Sapphire is not the be-all end-all. It’s not my favourite by a long shot.

I used to like Tanqueray but like Plymouth better now. T10 I quite like, it’s very citrus. South is a gorgeous gin but sadly I have none. Hendricks is interesting with notes of cucumber and rose petal. It’s said to be a gateway gin to convert non-gin drinkers.